Advanced Dependable Solutions
1380B Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451  Phone 781.899.3800   Fax  781.899.3805

The only authorized repair center for Westwind Air Bearings in North and South America.
ADS Advantages  

By doing business with us, you’ll benefit from:
  • Use of original Westwind parts, which ensures the
    spindles perform to original specifications.  Westwind will
    not sell parts to any other repair center in North and South
  • Westwind specified and approved testing methods,
    unique testing equipment, and procedures.  
  • Continuous Westwind training ensuring the most
    qualified technicians with the most up-to-date information
    as spindle developments occur.
  • Direct access to Westwind engineers to help resolve
    problems and improve spindle performance.

In addition, higher quality repairs because:
  • We do not refurbish parts.  Tolerances for acceptable
    refurbishments can be as small as .00005”.  Our
    experience when using refurbished parts has been very
    disappointing and detrimental to the quality of the repair.
  • We have valuable knowledge and experience in the
    spindle industry.  ADS employees worked directly for
    Westwind since 1998 before we spun off in 2006.
  • We have a long-standing history with a broad range of
    customers – from small firms to industry leaders.  We
    therefore understand your needs and expectations.
  • We provide quick turnaround and response time.
Our objective is to perform
the highest quality repair to
help you
interruptions and
downtime and optimize
your operation.

We believe this can only be
accomplished by ADS.

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