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Air Bearing Collets

Using genuine Westwind Collets in your spindles will enhance
performance and extend the spindles working life!
We guarantee it.  

Westwind Air Bearing Collets:
  • Last longer than other manufacturer's collets
  • Achieve higher torque
  • Provide better hole quality
  • Extend drill bit tool life!

Popular Collets
Westwind         Description        O.E.M.                  Spindle Used On
Part No.                                         Part Model         
37462                1/8 Dead Stop                                    125,000
                      Collet D1331                                       Drilling Spindle

41844                1/8 Dead Stop                                    Excellon ABW
                      Collet D1199-06      414741-01          125 Drilling Spindle

40374                1/8 Dead Stop                                    180,000
                      Collet D1686                                       Drilling Spindle

17593                1/8 Locking             216824-14          Excellon ABW
                      Collet Ref                95199-001          110 Drilling Spindle

17508                1/8 Locking             216390-18          Excellon ABW
                      Collet D1251                                      80 Routing Spindle

16703                1/8 Dead Stop                                    Westwind
                      Collet M320-62                                   Routing Spindle

For a complete list of Westwind collets, visit www.westwind-

Westwind offers
collet maintenance guides for positive locking
collets, dead stop collets, and positive locking collets.
Our objective is to perform
the highest quality repair to
help you
interruptions and
downtime and optimize
your operation.

We believe this can only be
accomplished by ADS.

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