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The only authorized repair center for Westwind Air Bearings in North and South America.
Excellon Air Bearing Spindle Repair  

ADS repairs all Westwind spindles used on all OEM machines
used in the PCB industry including Excellon Automation drilling
and routing machines for printed circuit board (P.C.B.) production.

We complete all Excellon spindle repairs using genuine Westwind
parts. All spindle repairs must pass Westwind’s specifications for
high performance. Our turnaround for time for Excellon spindle
repairs is 24 hours. In addition we stock a large supply of Excellon
rebuilt spindles and new spindles. Excellon collets are also

How can I verify that an Excellon spindle is
manufactured by Westwind?

Excellon machines range from single head to multiple station
mechanical drilling and routing, as well as laser precision via
formation. Excellon Automation drilling and routing mechanical
machines use ball bearings and air bearing spindles ranging in
speed from 80,000 R.P.M to 180,000 R.P.M.  The air bearing
spindles featured on Excellon Automation are Westwind Air
Bearing manufactured spindles.  Below is list of Westwind air
bearing spindles installed on Excellon machines.

RPM             Excellon                             Westwind      Marking
                 Part No.                              Part No.          On Spindle
80,000          215375-35, 715375-34        D1251-03        ABW-80
110,000        212203-30, 712203-39        D1199-03        ABW-110
125,000        212203-08/09, 712203-08   D1199-06        ABW-125
125,000        239593-01, 739593-00        D1199-09        
170,000        234880-01, 738426-00        D1473-09        ABW-170
180,000        239519-01, 739519-00        D1473-08        ABW-180

Excellon models with Westwind Air Bearing spindles include:
EX 132, EX 200L, EX300, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VII, System 2000,
Uniline 2000, Century 2001, Concept 4, Concept 129, Excellon
Our objective is to perform
the highest quality repair to
help you
interruptions and
downtime and optimize
your operation.

We believe this can only be
accomplished by ADS.

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