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The only authorized repair center for Westwind Air Bearings in North and South America.
Frequently Asked Questions

What spindles do we repair?
We repair all Westwind spindles installed on all OEM machines
used in the PCB industry including Schmoll, Posalux, Pluritec, ESI
(Dynamotion), Lenz, Mania, Excellon and Hitachi.  We have the
ability to repair 80k, 110k, 125k, 170k, and 180k rpm spindles.

We can repair Westwind spindles for all other applications as
well: paint sprayers, dicing, lens turning, etc.

We service ball bearing spindles as well.

How can I verify if a spindle is manufactured by Westwind?
Over the years Westwind has developed an extensive range of
spindles for PCB manufacturing, automotive coating,
semiconductor manufacturing equipment,  scanning, lens turning,
and grinding applications.  Westwind spindles are commonly
found on Excellon, Pluritec, ESI (Dynamotion), Lenz, Posalux,
Schmoll, Hitachi, Fanuc, Durr, Agfa, Creo, Heildberg, Eskro, and
Federal Mogul machines.

Westwind spindle models are typically labeled on the body with
four digits followed by two digits to indicate the option number.
(e.g. D1331-54)

How much does a repair cost?
The amount a repair costs depends on the number of parts that
are damaged and need to be replaced.  When comparing repair
facilities keep in mind that the cost also depends on the quality of
the parts used in the repair.  Our objective is to provide a repair of
the highest quality to meet or exceed original design
specifications.  In other words, to return your spindle to like “new”
condition.  Over the long term this is the most cost effective
method to service your spindles.  

What are the consequences of  using low quality parts versus  
O.E.M. certified parts?
Reduced spindle life which leads to frequent repairs which cause
increased costs and reduced productivity.

How do we know?  Because it has been
tested and proven!

What is the repair process?
  1. Incoming basic inspection.
  2. Disassembly for failure analysis.
  3. Failure analysis and repair quote for customer approval.
  4. Repair using original parts and Westwind specified and
    approved testing methods, testing equipment, and
    procedures.  Specifically a 20-Part Testing Procedure is
  5. Complete a repair evaluation report, which shows the
    cause of failure and the parts that have been replaced,
    together with new test sheets and vibration/runout traces.

How long will the repair take?
Our goal is to complete repairs within 5 business days.

Spindles are evaluated within 2 days of arriving.  After the repair
quote is approved, the repair is completed within 3 business

If required, 24-hour turnaround with next business day delivery is

Please note certain spindle models may require longer
depending on the application and availability of parts.

Do you offer an exchange program?
We offer a spindle exchange program on some models to
accommodate customers who need a working spindle

What is your Warranty?
We offer a 180-day warranty covering workmanship and spare part
quality.  Rest assured our record for quality repairs far exceeds
180 days.  
Spindle Repair

All spindles repaired at
ADS are fully checked
and tested using
stringent quality control
demanding standards for
repair ensures every repaired
spindle passes a 20-point test
to the same specification as at
original manufacture:

1. Air Flow
2. Coolant Flow
3. End Float/Lift Off
4. Axial Load (inner)
5. Axial Load (outer)
6. Taper Runout  
7. Static Runout
8. Dynamic Runout
9. Vibration
10. Stator Check  
11. Flash Test
12. Speed Probe
13. Temperature Check
14. Rotational Direction
15. Assembly
16. Dimensional Inspection
17. Diaphragm/Piston Leak
18. Collet Torque  
19. Collet Grip & Release
20. Collet Actuation System