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The only authorized repair center for Westwind Air Bearings in North and South America.
Paint Sprayer and Coating
Air Bearing Spindle Repair

ADS services a range of air bearing spindles for rotary spray
coating applications, including electrostatic paint spraying in the
automotive industry.  We support turbines installed in the majority
of leading OEM's systems including DURR, FANUC, GAF,
include several of these OEMs and many automobile

We offer sale of new turbines, repairs, and exchange programs.  
Our repairs use new OEM parts and are carried out with the OEM
specified testing procedures and equipment; resulting in the
highest quality level repair that adheres to the tolerance and
specification of the original product.

Below is a partial list of models we service.

OEM                   OEM Part No.                Westwind Part Number        
Behr/Durr            N21010082                    D1332-11
Behr/Durr            N21010031                    D1332-11
Behr/Durr            N21010013                    D1243-01
Fanuc                  E0-4526-020-001          D1724-03
Fanuc                  E0-4526-021-000          D1724-08A
ITW Ransburg     AER4006-00                  D1245-05
ITW Ransburg     75867-00                       D1245-07
ITW Ransburg     A11081-00                    D1724-09A
ITW Ransburg     A12895-00                    D1724-09B
ITW Ransburg     A12895-01                    D1724-09C
ITW Ransburg     A12863-00                    D1724-16A
Nordson              BM98H01379                 D1486-01
Our objective is to perform
the highest quality repair to
help you
interruptions and
downtime and optimize
your operation.

We believe this can only be
accomplished by ADS.

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