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The only authorized repair center for Westwind Air Bearings in North and South America.
About Us

ADS is a spin off of Westwind Air Bearings Inc.  ADS personnel
worked directly for Westwind from 1998 to 2005 when Westwind
decided to close its repair facility in the USA.  Since January of
2006, ADS has operated as the exclusive authorized repair center
for Westwind in North and South America.

ADS currently serves customers throughout the U.S.A., Mexico,
Canada, and Brazil.  Our customers vary in size – from small firms
to industry leaders.  Our focus is primarily on repairing air bearing
spindles used in the PCB industry.  However, we have the ability to
repair all Westwind Spindles used in all applications: paint
sprayers, dicing, lens turning, etc.   

We offer the convenience of servicing most air bearing spindles
installed by different OEM manufacturers in one location.  We
service ball bearing spindles as well.

In addition to our repair service, we support the fully original part
integration concept by selling Westwind spindles and collets.  We
can offer recommendations and assist in evaluating spindle

Over the years we have gained valuable knowledge  and
experience servicing our customers.  With our experience,
technical knowledge, support from Westwind, and commitment to
excellence no one is more qualified to serve your needs.

Air bearing spindle repair

Ball bearing spindle service

Spindle and Collet sales

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